Vol. 1, No.1/ October 2021

Published: 24- 10-2021


L2 Learning Anxiety: An impact on the acquisition of speaking competence

Saba Gulzar1, Anam Azhar1, Shamila Roohi2, Maria Nisar3                                                             1-12

The Influence of Technology Addiction and Health Problems in Youth: An Overview on Social Networking among Pakistani Universities Youth

Dr. Qaiser Javed Iqbal1, Dr. Ayesha Javed2, Muhammad Asif3                                                              13-27

The Importance of Teaching Intonation Patterns at Secondary Level: A Case Study of English Language Teachers

1Azka Mustafa, 2Maria Javed, 3Sidra Khursheed, 4Amal Hamid Malik                               28-38

The Role of Language and Identity and its Impact on Teaching of English in Multan, Pakistan

1Dr. Rana Imran Ali, 1Muhammad Asif, 2Muhammad Imran, 3Muhammad Waris Shahzad                              39-48

The Study on Teacher’s Code-Switching in L2 Classrooms in Pakistan: Function and Perceptions

1Maria Nisar, 2Prof. Xiao Fusho, 2Zakia Aslam                               49-62